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Dr. Raeann Zschokke

Dr. Raeann Zschokke’s path to chiropractic started when her life went off a cliff.  Literally!  At age 20, her car crashed through a guardrail and went off a cliff flipping four times.  She is a walking, talking, chiropractic success story, committed to serving as many people as possible.  Dr. Zschokke is advance certified in the Torque Release Technique, or TRT and Auriculotherapy.

TRT is a non-linear, non-mechanistic, neurological method of testing and adjusting.  A hand-held, low-force high velocity instrument called The Integrator is used to remove subluxations that cause interference in the nervous system.  When communication between the brain and body is restored, the body is able to function at a greater potential.   The Integrator delivers a precise, specific, gentle, fast, effective, reliable, and consistent adjustment without any of the traditional “cracking” sounds.

Auriculotherapy is rooted in acupuncture, but uses a hand held compact electro-therapeutic micro current device rather than needles to stimulate the brain through points on the ear.  The device is both a diagnostic and treatment tool used to help balance brain chemicals that can lead to addictions and compulsive disorders.  It has also been shown to be very helpful with pain management as well as a multitude of other disorders. Treatment is usually 15 minutes long is generally not painful.   Dr. Zschokke uses the set of auricular points developed by the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders for addictive behaviors and drug detoxification.

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