Additional Resources

Additional Resources


As one of the best-known addiction specialists in New York, Dr. Seitz has a special interest in in the science of addiction and the use of evidence-based medical treatment to advance and sustain recovery. As many “resources” for treatment are mere advertisements for specific treatment centers and present evidence that is unconfirmed and thereby unworthy of serious consideration and analysis, Dr. Seitz has vetted the following resources as generally having accurate and useful information.

Please let us know which links are most helpful, which are outdated or non-functional and which contain erroneous information so we can keep our reading recommendations up to date. When it comes to addiction and its treatment, knowledge is power. This is a disease that kills thousands of people annually. We owe it to all those with this condition to treat them with the most up-to-date and evidence-based treatment approaches.

Self-Help Groups – generally based upon the 12 step model
Articles of Scientific Relevance

Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

What is drug addiction treatment?

New Prescriptions for Addiction Treatment

Recommended Books

Addiction Treatment: Science and Policy for the Twenty-first Century

Documentary Films

HBO: Addiction

Addiction and Recovery Blogs

These are Dr. Seitz’s favorite blogs as they address the disease of addiction from the perspective of the addict.

  1. The Fix,
  2. Momastery,
  3. Intervene,
  4. Sober Julie,
  5. Addiction Blog,
  6. Sober College,
  7. Spiritual River,
  8. SoberNation,
  9. Chipur,
  10. Sort My Life Solutions,
  11. Breaking the Cycles,
  12. Klen + Sobr,
  13. The Hurt Healer,
  14. Paul,
  15. Recovery Health Care,
  16. Addiction land,
  17. Shatterproof,
  18. Center for Motivation and Change Articles for Families, j
  19. Changing Lives Foundation,
  20. Drinking Diaries,
  21. Crying Out Now,
  22. Phase 2 For You, 
  23. Parent Pathway,
  24. Reach Out Recovery,
  25. Guinevere Gets Sober,
  26. Tommy,
  27. The Discovering Alcoholic,
  28. All About Addiction,
  29. Selected Papers of William L. White, 
  30. B Here Today,
  31. Growing Up Chaotic,
  32. Sandy Swenson,
  33. One Crafty Mother,
  34. Recovery Reflections,
  35. Jody –
  36. Quitting Crystal Meth,
  37. Stay Close Blog,
  38. The Spirit of Recovery,
  39. Rock Star Super Star Project –
  40. Drinking to Distraction,
  41. The Brentwood House Blog,
  42. The Drug Class Blog,
  43. The Immortal Alcoholic,
  44. Addiction Inbox, The Science of Substance Abuse,
  45. Recovery Maps,
  46. An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom,
  47. Yoga and Recovery,
  48. Bye Bye Beer,
  49. The Sober World,
  50. Life at Full Throttle,
  51. Addiction Journal,
  52. I’m Just F.I.N.E.,
  53. Healing Imperfectly,
  54. Mrs. D. Is Going Without,
  55. My Life as 3D, 
News And Healthcare Policy

Much as we may not like to admit it, many externally controlled variables can influence treatment. These may include insurance companies as well as state or federal regulatory agencies. What is clear to us in the field is that although there is supposed to be “parity” between mental health and physical health issues, the many roadblocks to treatment demonstrate that this is not the case. Politics, as much as we don’t want to admit it, plays a role here. And because of political influence, people with the disease of addiction needlessly suffer consequences in ways that those with physical health issues do not. Below, Dr. Seitz has included newsworthy articles, many of which address the complex issues surrounding treatment

Treatment Not Incarceration

Another Big Health Insurer Loosens Rules For Covering Addiction Treatment




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